Attended: Good Food Awards, January 14, 2012 at the Ferry Building in San Francisco

We attended the second annual Good Food Awards on Saturday, January 14, 2012 at the Ferry Building in San Francisco. Good food, good wine, good chocolates, good beer…need I say more? Definitely a good, no, GREAT event!

Everyone there is a WINNER, but my favorites definitely included the Chocolate tastings, Cheese tastings, (other categories were Preserves, Coffee, Charcuterie, Pickles) and what else…a Beer Garden that let us sample many different types of Spirits. There were wine, vodka, rum, brandy…

My absolute favorite spirit there at this event turned out to be a brandy (surprising I know) from Pure Fruit Spirits (Clear Creek Distillery) that tasted awesome but packs a BIG punch… Why is this awesome? This is the real deal.  I learned that this is a classic eau-de-vie de poire. It takes 28 lbs. (approx 12.7 kilo) of pears (they use [Williams] Bartlett pears from orchards in Parkside, Oregon) to make ONE large bottle. This stuff’s strong, you do not drink more than 1-2 oz because of the high alcohol content. It smells and tastes like pears and it’s just amazing. Even though there were so many vendors there showcasing all their wares (from chocolates to pickles), I still remember this brandy and how it tasted.

Here are some pictures from the event…

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  1. Oh this sounds like an amazing time. And I just love all of your photos of this event. I think I would have loved to attend this event 🙂

    • It was a really good event although it was packed to the brim. They lined it up on the outside corridors of the ferry building and one section of the upstairs’ space so it was pretty cramp but still good times.

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