To Hyang: To each their own…

We recently went to try To Hyang’s Korean home cooking. Generally, we think the food here is okay, but the one item we are not so hot about on this visit was the meat dumplings and rice cake soup. It sounded good, but was not to our liking because it was so mushy and tasted very bland.

If you come here, get the meat dishes like the ribs or the sizzling meat platters. I think those will probably fare better because the soup wasn’t doing it for us. We really wanted to like this place because there’s a lot of hype now (it’s getting featured on Anthony Bourdain’s The Layover) but we have to be honest about our visit. We think the publicity is great for them, but we also think everyone should form their own opinion.

To Hyang | 3815 Geary Street | San Francisco, CA
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2 responses to “To Hyang: To each their own…

  1. Everything really looks great.. but I will definitely stay away from the meat dumpling here. I can’t even remember the last time I had one in general.

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