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Day after Christmas for most people may be a stressful day. So I decided I am going to feature a restaurant that seems more Zen (to me) and hopefully you will agree. For those across the pond, I am wishing you all a lovely Boxing Day!


Sasa is a lovely restaurant in downtown Walnut Creek. The interior is comfortable and warm with bronze-colored table tops, lovely Japanese fabric wall panels, and comfy chairs. While the exterior is also quite inviting detailed with a small koi pond near their entrance. (That’s the Zen part and the intended pun with the pond part…)

On this visit, everyone ordered different things to try.

The Pro: I think my favorite dish on this particular visit was the chicken skewers and salmon sashimi.  According to our lovely server, the chicken skewers are wildly popular here.

The Con: The ribs are a bit on the sweet side (too sweet) and I think the tempura shrimp lettuce wrap tasted more like walnut shrimp. Normally, I love walnut shrimp in a Chinese restaurant, but this rendition did not won me over even though I like the lettuce wrap…

In my humble opinion, I think this restaurant seems more geared toward happy hours because of their drinks list, sake offerings, and tapas-styled food, but overall, their food is fresh and delicious, so definitely a place to come back to again for seconds, no matter the time of day…

Sasa | 1432 N. Main Street | Walnut Creek, CA

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  1. Oh I just LOVE the veggies and everything else on this plate. To say you have me hungry now is an understatement because I am truly hungry lol

    • The veggie, bread, and the edamame spread were delicious! Sorry this made you hungry…hope you had a lovely lunch and enjoy your day!

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