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Recently, Babygirl aka Kay at Pure Complex featured a delicious fried chicken recipe from Paula Deen. It looks simple to make and quite delicious. If you don’t believe me, please check it out on her blog where she curates wonderful finds around the blogosphere. 🙂

It’s hard to believe, but I don’t eat a lot of chicken. When I do, I have a fondness for Southern Fried Chicken because they are just amazingly delicious! One of our favorite place to go is the Hard Knox Cafe because it features some delicious soul food and yummy fried chicken in a comfortable setting at a moderate price. Town Hall and Wayfare Tavern also features delicious fried chicken but in a higher price range.

Besides my fondness for American food, I also love Thai Angel Wings (aka Stuff Chicken Wings.) Not all Angel Wings are made equal though. I have had some in restaurants where they drenched these poor wings in heavy sweet and sour sauce that I think took away their amazing crunch and texture. However, I think these two Thai places (one in Russian Hill and the other in Nob Hill) made them exceptionally well. Lemongrass Thai and Thai Spice both serves exceptional Thai food and delicious Angel Wings.

These chicken wings are pretty amazing and once you tried them, you will be hooked. Besides being yummy appetizers, you will find that they will be a hit on your tapas menu at home when entertaining friends and family.  Even though we have never made these at home (we try not to fry), I think this recipe I found on YouTube is pretty solid and worth sharing. I hope you guys enjoy my finds and the recommendations. Cheers!


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  1. Fried Chicken should never be something that should intimidate people, which is why I posted that recipe. It’s simple and delicious. I loved those Thai Angel wings as well.

  2. Hey FT! Long time, no see! Love this post and fried chicken. Great as usual.

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