dinner @ Penang Garden

Food was okay. Friends are on some type of special diet, so insisted on coming here a few months ago.  I like the dinner and hanging out with friends, but I just don’t feel that the place was any extraordinaire. There are a few things on the menu that I would say merit a mention. The coffee spare ribs were good although I really did not taste any coffee in it and I like the kangkung (aka ong choy).  The char kway teow is pretty bad, so I don’t recommend that…

By the way, I am going to be very sporadic with the food postings from now on because of my hectic schedule. Miss you all though~

Here are some pictures. Cheers!

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2 responses to “dinner @ Penang Garden

    • I didn’t hate it. It was a good dinner. I forgot to mention the coconut shrimp was another lovley dish we ate. I guess I was expecting the place to be better. I think when they include so many types of cuisines in one place, I get weary. The fried dieshes will almost always be good, but the noodles dishes and other regional dishes are the ones we look for in consistency and they were just meh and disappointing. I think Tyler Florence featured their hot & spicy crabs though. We didn’t eat that.

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