The Versatile Blogger Award goes to…

About a month ago, I received a very cool award, “The Versatile Blogger” from Kay/Babygirl at Pure Complex.

While I was excited and humbled by this honour, I was also curious about the origin of this award. As of today, I have no idea who started this, but I can see that it certainly encourages and promotes wonderful blogs around the web. So even though I am not sure I deserve this award being that I don’t feel very versatile at all, I am grateful for the opportunity to pass this award along to a few bloggers that I think do deserve it.

Along with the award, there are a few rules that I must pass along*…

If you win, please pay it forward by:

Thanking and linking the person who gave you this award;

Share 7 facts about yourself;

Pass the award on to 15 other versatile bloggers;

And finally, contact each one to let them know that they have won

(*While I understand the spirit of the award, I also understand that if you are running a business on your blog, this type of award can present some problem,  so I understand too if you can’t do any of the above. If this applys to you, think of this post from me as a compliment to you. And I hope you enjoy it. Cheers!)

Thank you Kay/Babygirl at Pure Complex for this award! If she wasn’t the one who gave me this award in the first place, I am sure I would be passing this award to her. Check out Pure Complex for great movie reviews, fun and interesting topics ranging from fashion to sex.  And not to be missed, she curates some of the coolest finds in architectural, photography, and art on her beautiful website. Throw in a few lovely recipes, you got a very deserving versatile blogger…

Here are 7 facts about me

Chocolate Ice Cream- I don’t like chocolate ice cream. I love chocolate but I usually don’t order chocolate ice cream unless other people around me orders it. I may tolerate by tasting it, but I wouldn’t be eating it by choice.

Being Thankful- I appreciate my life and thankful for the wonderful opportunities, great experiences, beautiful people I meet along the way…

Dining Out- I love food and dining out. I like to eat, write, photograph, and blog about the experiences (this isn’t a surprise… 😉 )

Fashion- I appreciate fashion. Especially designs that are beautiful, flattering, easy to wear, and sometimes affordable. I definitely believe in buying well made pieces that will never go out of style and pairing with current accessories that are of season. My favorite all time accessories are scarves.

I don’t drive –I take the bus, walk, cab, or gets rides from other people. Sometimes this gets difficult, but most of the time, it works out well in the city.

Tea- My favorite beverage is tea. I grew up in a family of tea drinkers. We will have tea in the morning, in the afternoon, and sometimes after dinner. My favorite is Earl Grey because it smells and tastes good to me, and because it’s easily accessible in tea bags. My other favorite is indulging in Oolong tea and lately, some Rooibos tea. I like my tea plain, but I also like my tea sweet. I like my tea hot and I like it cold. I am starting to sound like I am writing for a certain children’s book, so I will stop now. 🙂

Dancing and Laughing- I have two left feet and am learning how to dance. All I can say is that I look utterly ridiculous and hilarious. I laugh at myself all the time and I love it. 😉

Now, not in any particular order, I would like to pass The Versatile Blogger award to these bloggers (I don’t have 15 blogs, but I read about 12 +/- currently):

Chocolate & Ginger  — I first discovered this blog when I was researching about Montreal and Quebec. I started following because I was inspired by Jen’s fitness routines and healthy meals. Jen’s recipes are creative, healthy, and delicious. I sometimes wish that technology would enable me to reach out and taste some of the food she made and featured.

The Whatever Factor  — Shortly after I started blogging, izziedarling kindly complimented me on my blog post about tipping. I started reading her blog and am now always waiting for her next post. I am always impressed with her wit, sarcasm, and silly anecdotes that made me think and laugh. She’s a wonderful writer, mother, and cool person.

Fog City Foodie – Fogcityfoodie is a San Francisco Bay Area food blogger that features different types of food, drinks, and great places to go on his blog. He’s a great resource when you want to find out what’s going on around the city. Case in point, the Oyster & Beer festival that happened at Fort Mason this past weekend. Aside from that, he’s into different flavors of ice cream that is purportedly to be so good that it may even be illegal. And he knows a great bar when he sees one.

New York Kitchen – Most of us features a restaurant by talking about their food and focusing on the front of the house, but Myriam focuses not only on the appearance, but also the heart of the restaurant: their kitchen. Follow her along as she photographs some of the finest places on earth from award-winning New York Kitchens to exotic African resorts.

Italian Handful – I think all wonderful journeys start with good food, laughs, and inspiration. Adagio’s blog is wonderful because all those things are incorporated into her blog, and you feel a sense of love with each blog posts. From handmade pizza dough to fun jello shots for the Fourth of July party, she takes you along with her and her family on a journey that inspires you to live better, and to celebrate each season joyously.

The Pleasure Monger – Rachel makes some of the most sumptuous desserts (e.g. macaroons and cupcakes) that I have ever seen with flavors that I don’t think exists outside of her kitchen. There are moments when I wish I live next door and can pop in to try some of her desserts.

Feast on the Cheap – Talking about talent and creativity. I think once you read their site, you will all agree that this mother and daughter team, Mary Anne and Mariel of Feast on the Cheap are pretty special. Aside from all their special talents for writing features in notable websites and lifestyle magazines and catering fabulous parties (what parties wouldn’t be fab with their food?), their blog features wonderful recipes, beautifully detailed with price points that will guide you to make some yummy dishes that will also fit within your budget.

Adventure Eating – Cynthia is an interesting person. She muses about food and drinks she’s eaten in Paris, Los Angeles, San Francisco, and London, to name a few and amongst other things. A notable writer for a few newspapers and magazines and food enthusiast with a passion for cheese making, her blog is spontaneous and free spirited.

The Food Fairy – Malini writes two blogs, The Food Fairy and The Restaurant Fairy. Born in India but now lives in NYC, she critiques restaurants at her restaurant blog, and makes delicious food and features her recipe on her food blog. She’s always friendly and great at encouraging you to try her recipes.

La nomade moderne – I started reading this blog because I am interested in going to France some time down the line. I can’t say when as I don’t know that myself. I love Sarah’s pictures and I found out that she’s from San Francisco, too. Small world. 😉

One Wild and Precious Life – Another inspiring blog about living life in its present moment and living simply. I love that Carla’s blog is about NOLA, a place that I have just visited in December of last year. Reading her blog, I get to live vicariously through her adventures. And it doesn’t hurt that she likes cats, too. I love furry animals. Especially cats and dogs.

La Grisette – Talking about living vicariously. What is better than following someone who is currently living her life in Paris? She also likes food and fashion, too. Enough said.

While I regret that I cannot give this award to everyone who visits and supports this blog at this time, I hope that you will continue to inspire and be inspired by those around you.

Humbly yours, foodtable

25 responses to “The Versatile Blogger Award goes to…

  1. Thanks for the award foodtable! I enjoyed getting to know more about you. I also love chocolate, but do not care for chocolate ice cream in the least. By the way, your blog is looking really good!

    • Thank you Myriam! Yes, very particular about that chocolate ice cream. Seems like the flavor is not quite right once it turns into ice cream. Oh well…there are so many other flavors to choose from. 🙂

  2. Congratulations FoodTable!!! I celebrate your generous sharing and am so happy to see you get the recognition and this award!
    I am so touched by what you had to say, thank you. You sure know how to make a girl cry (tears of the heart) before 10 on a Monday morning. Bravo! Adagio

  3. Wow – thank you so much, foodtable! I’m very honored to receive the award! Two surprises in one morning – I’m Freshly Pressed today too! I’m a little overwhelmed! I so appreciate your kind words and your thinking of me!

    • Congratulations on being Freshly Pressed! Your blog is wonderful and am so glad you are getting the attention it deserves! I will be right over to add my congrats real soon. 🙂

  4. Thank You so much for this. What a wonderful idea this is!

    • Your welcome and Congratulations! I never did find out who started this, but I got this award from Kay/BG at Pure complex and I find the spirit of this award being wonderful. Pass it on if you can.

  5. Thank You, Thank You, Thank You! I think you have an awesome blog and totally deserve “The Versatile Blogger” award. Cheers and keep up the excellent and informative writing!

  6. Foodtable you definitely deserved this award. My idea of versatility is being able to go from one subject to another with great ease while showcasing intriguing content for those who visit. And you definitely do that. You always showcase a new restaurant and without you most people wouldn’t know if a restaurant is great or not. So for that YES YOU DESERVE the award :). And I think you should seriously get back into photography :). And thank you for the lovely things you said about me and my blog.. I am really humbled 🙂

    • Your blog is beautiful and your desserts are the amazing highlights, so you totally deserve it. Congratulations!

  7. What a surprise to receive this recognition! (and on my birthday, too!) I’ve really been so appreciative of your kind and thoughtful comments, and I’ve been enjoying reading your posts, too. I have quite a list of places to visit once I’m back in the states! Thanks so much!

  8. Wow thank you what a great surprise! I’m totally swamped this week but I have to get back to your list and check out your favorite blogs. It’s been so much following your food adventures and thanks for following mine!

      • Thanks Cynthia! Hope your week gets better and Congratulations! I think you are a great writer and am cheering for you on the cheese thing or any other goals you want accomplish. 🙂

  9. Foodtable – what a nice surprise – from the nicest person ever! I’m touched you would pick me and thank you so much. Just got back in town so that’s why I’m late thanking you. Mainly, I’m glad YOU got it because you are awesome!!!!!!! xo iz

    • Thank you izziedarling! 🙂 I am glad YOU won, too! And no worries about being late, I am always late- And I think you are just in time too.

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