lunch @ Thai Spice

money bags appetizer sitting on top of mango salsa at Thai Spice

Thai Spice consistently serves delicious traditional and nouveau Thai food and their presentation have gotten so much prettier as well since the last write-up.

Here are a few of our favorites.

Appetizers – Thai Spice Rolls, money bags (shown in the picture), and Satay.

Salads and Noodles – We pretty much like all of their salads and noodles.

Main Dishes – We both like the Veggie Belly and the low carb Pad Thai. Also, on days where we like meat, we like their curries and the yummy duck noodle soup.

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    • Hi Myriam, they are minced meat wrapped with wonton wrappers and tied with a chive. It’s pretty creative. 🙂 By the way, long time no see…thanks for dropping by.

  1. Oh wow, the Thai Spice Rolls sound divine and the photo you provided has definitely gotten me hungry just looking at it lol. I have to visit Cali soon with all this great food.

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