classic fare @ Jack’s Restaurant and Bar

We recently held an event at Jack’s Restaurant and Bar at Pleasant Hill and it was great.

I have never been to this restaurant for regular menu items, so can’t really say how good they are during regular service.

Jack’s served some delicious classic american fare like mac & cheese, steak, salmon, and veggie pasta. Everything was delicious and our service was great for our event.

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2 responses to “classic fare @ Jack’s Restaurant and Bar

  1. I love classic Americano food at times. It just makes the day better somehow when I eat it lol. This place really sounds delicious and your photo is making me hungry lol.

    • Hi Kay/BG. You are right. It is total comfort food… Esp. the mac & cheese. Thanks for coming by. I am busy this week, so may be checking blogs less frequently. Later- 🙂

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