lunch @ Park Gyros


Park Gyros is located directly across Golden Gate Park. Even though the restaurant is centrally located, it is also one of those places that we say we will try eventually and never do. Somehow, we always walk by to go elsewhere.  So one weekend, G finally took me here to try their food.


On this visit, we tried their shish kebab plate, falafel, and pita with hummus.

The shish kebab meats are tender and deliciously marinated, the falafel is pretty good although not as good as my favorite place (to be written), and the hummus is really yummy.

shish kebab plate

Although the restaurant is pretty plain and nothing much to look at, it does serve pretty good fare with decent prices.

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4 responses to “lunch @ Park Gyros

  1. That shish kebab looks so delicious. And girl I LOVE a great gyro. I haven’t had a good one n so long but that is one of my favorite foods. I would definitely try this place out. Add this to my list.

    • I haven’t tried their gyros here yet, so can’t tell you whether it’s good or not. But the falafel was definitely good though not as good as my fave place in downtown. And the shish kebab was good.

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