tea time @ Rose Tea Lounge

Rose Tea Lounge is like a little secret garden within a tea and flower shop. You have the lovely flowers in the front, and I mean lovely. Beautiful roses in shades of pinks and yellows. Fuzzy white pussy willows. Then you have irises in their majestic purple. Tulips in shades of red and orange. Gerber daisies in bright hues that will surly brighten someone’s day…

And then you have the really delicious blends of tea in the back. Different types of jams on the shelves, scones, pastries, and baklava, too. The owner is also very nice and really takes the time to explain the different teas and even offered to look up the tea maker for me because I shown an interest in a particular blend. We just lingered here for a while and felt awesome afterwards. What a wonderful way to spend time together without feeling like we need to do things.

No one rushing us. No sudden loud noises. (happy sigh)

Just people coming in saying hello to the owner and getting fresh-cut flowers or getting a pot of tea in a very clean, minimal, french country kind of place.

Rose Tea Lounge | 549 Irving Street | San Francisco, CA

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  1. I adore tea, not sure if you knew that but I would so go here. I’m telling you, you can take me anywhere and I will go. And just a reminder, your award will be posted today at 5:30 pm eastern 🙂

    • Did not know that you like tea also. I am so glad you are enjoying my write ups. And thanks again for the award. It will take me forever to pass it on, but I will hopefully do so as there are a lot of good blogs out there. 🙂

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