dinner @ Murasaki Sushi Bar

As soon as I took one bite of the sashimi, I knew it was over…

Oh my. What happened?

I haven’t been to Murasaki Sushi Bar for a while, but I remembered it being very good.  In my book, Very Good for a sushi bar = fresh sashimi, good-sized portions, and yummy food.

We recently went back and it was…Bad. Yes, I am not going to sugar coat it. It’s bad and I am not happy about our experience and I won’t make up words to soften the blow.

Bad = Bad sashimi = funny tasting salmon sashimi + tiny portion sizes + other okay food for $$.

I am not satisfy and won’t go back again.

Here’s what we had:

  • Kirin beer (good)
  • Chicken yakitori (good and you get three sticks)
  • Futomaki (okay)
  • Sashimi platter of yellow tail and salmon (bad)

The yellow tail was okay, sliced to proportion and tasted okay, but it’s really the salmon sashimi I have an issue with and really…is that what most people like? So the salmon sashimi tasted slightly salty to me which means that it probably sat in a brine which means not as fresh. Hm, next thing is that I noticed that the portion size of the salmon sashimi is ultra small like someone took a knife and cut one normal portion-sized piece into 2 or 3 slices. Ridiculous.


small pieces of salmon sashimi

211 Clement Street | San Francisco, CA


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