dinner @ Seven Hills

Recently, friends and I went to dinner at Seven Hills, a lovely Italian bistro facing a busy corridor on Hyde and Pacific with cable cars running by every so often. If Seven Hills’ location seemed familiar, it’s because the restaurant occupied the former location of 1550 Hyde Street Wine Bar.

The service at Seven Hills is attentive. The restaurant has a nice and casual feel, but the food is serious. Acording to Alexander Alioto’s bio on Seven Hills’ website, he and his partner Alexis Solomou opened Seven Hills after Alexander worked and learned from many places (including Michelin star restaurants) and not to mention his own family’s restaurant (Alioto’s) before becoming an owner and chef at Seven Hills.

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Friends and I shared the following:

  • A lovely bottle of Argentina cab.
  • Niman Ranch Pork Riblets  (delicious and boneless)
  • Roasted Wild King Trumpet Mushrooms (amazing! the mushroom is definitely a star in this dish and it was grilled to perfection and very meaty)

After reading that they make their own pastas, we had to try their pasta dishes.

I ordered the “Ravioli Uovo” which is a single ravioli with an egg yolk right in the middle. According to the menu, the inside of the ravioli is filled with spinach, ricotta cheese (although I think I also tasted pesto?), and surround with brown butter and white truffle oil. This is definitely one of the richest pasta that I have ever had, but it was fantastic.

Friends ordered the “Spaghetti with Granpa George’s Sausage” and the Veal Steak. I tasted the spaghetti and thought it was good, and the Veal is just amazing because of the portion size, but I am not a veal person, so can’t tell you much except that it was tender and it was a big steak.

For dessert, friends ordered the House Made Ricotta Cheese, flourless TCHO chocolate cake, and Standing Mascarpone Cream (delicious!). We also enjoyed lovely french press coffees and cappuccino.

Although the menu is small and selective, it is perfect for this bistro and definitely a lovely spot to come back to again.

1550 Hyde Street | San Francisco, CA

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4 responses to “dinner @ Seven Hills

  1. Oh wow, the sweets featured in this post as to die for. I am so hungry right now it’s not even funny lmao. And the Veal looks delicious. I’m telling you, you should be a food critic for a major magazine or something. I love your reviews.

    • Thank you for the kind words Babygirl. That’s so sweet. I am doing this foodblog as a way to keep track of stuff for myself, and to showcase some restaurants (and other places) so that when people visit SF, they will see “real” restaurants and food places. Whenever I go somewhere other than SF, I always check what the venue has to offer and what official critics have to say, and what our blogging community recommend as there are almost always certain details that I would not have found out if not for people blogging about it. So I try to do the same. I think I can do better on the details sometimes, but I try. 😛 And yes, the food at Seven Hills is pretty amazing so far. As for dessert, my fave is the standing marscarpone.

      • I still think you’d be an amazing food critic. I know I certainly love the honesty of your writing as opposed to some being bought for a review. I would go anywhere you recommend 🙂

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