yummy cupcakes @ Susie Cakes Bakery

About a month ago, I had to fight my way in and out of a line. CrAzY 0_O!  Where did I go? I visited Susie Cakes in the Marina District of San Francisco.  BeWaRe. Susie Cakes is a super cute little shop with long lines and cute cupcakes. Habit forming and highly addicting…

Here’s a picture of their cupcakes in one of their display cases.


Susie Cakes Bakery | 2109 Chestnut Street | San Francisco, CA

One of the Susie Cakes Bakery Display Case

6 responses to “yummy cupcakes @ Susie Cakes Bakery

    • Adagio, I am sure it will be wonderful and delicious. I will visit your site soon to see what surprises you are coming up with. 🙂

  1. Did you have to show the chocolate ones? Now I’m over here drooling and can’t stop it lmao. I so want some chocolate cupcakes right now lol. You already know I love this post lol.

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