brunches @ Rigolo Cafe & Restaurant

whimsical decor


Yes, Rigolo Cafe is that…

And much more. Their sandwiches and salads are fresh and yummy, too.

Chou Chou Shrimp Caesar Salad

Fresh Legumes (vegetarian)

Jambon de Bayonne Pizza

Herb Chicken & Arugula Tartine

I actually did not like this place the first few times I was there and normally that would be the end of that. But I have friends who do like this place and so after having lunches here a few more times, I get why.

The casual run of the place, the whimsical decor, nutritious kids meals, and considerate touches such as the little play area for the kids really made Rigolo endearing in that they geared toward those with children but also mix in perfectly with those that just wants to have brunch with friends. A nice neighborhood place.

Rigolo Cafe & Restaurant | 3465 California Street | San Francisco, CA

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  1. Foodtable, I don’t think this is right. How can you go there and not take me along LOL. It doesn’t matter I live in NYC lol j/k. That shrimp ceasar salad looks amazing and the sandwich and pizza. I am gaining weight just looking at it lol.

    • Lol, I just went over to your blog and saw the amazing food spread and that drink recipe, so I think we are even! Have a great weekend!

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