a bit about Fort Mason in San Francisco

Fort Mason Center and Downtown San Francisco

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I know there’s quite a few of you out there searching for the Catagion movie casting call tomorrow at Fort Mason in San Francisco, so I thought I will make this easy for those of you going there.

The open casting calls begin:
Jan. 29: Fort Mason Center, Landmark Building C, Room C260,

2 p.m. – 6 p.m.

Muni Buses that stop near the Fort Mason: #28, #30 (there could be more, but I only know these two)   #22 bus will get you near there.

Taxi/Cabs: A bit expensive but worth it if you don’t know where you are going.

Parking: I believe they are charging for parking inside the Fort Mason area, and it will be difficult to find street parking. Don’t even think about parking at the Safeway across the street because you will get a ticket, so I would avoid this unless you really need to drive there.

Eating: There’s a few places around that you can get food quickly. Safeway is good for quick sandwich and drinks. Justify parking for a little bit, but don’t bank on this method as you will probably get a ticket if you are not careful.

Vegetarians: There’s a great (but a bit pricey, small salad approx $9.50) vegetarian restaurant inside the Fort Mason area. It’s call “Greens Restaurant” and they serve some yummy salads. I will post about this place next. They open from 11:45 am – 2:30 pm (M-Sat), so get there a bit early as this place packs up even without the Contagion film crew and extras around.

Weather: Just check and looks like its 58/50 degrees. Wear some layers so that you are not freezing. Since the Fort is near the waters and the place is kind of old, it’s drafty.

Bathrooms: There are bathrooms located all around the Fort’s buildings, but the quickest ones are probably the one in the building you are waiting in line for. Make sure you are with buddies or make friends fast if you need to use the bathroom because you may lose your place in line. And that would be sad. 😦

The Long Wait:  C’est la vie with movie extras. There’s always the wait. So make sure you have friends, a book, an iphone, ipod, etc to entertain yourself and don’t forget to bring some H2o (water) and snacks with you so don’t get too thirsty or hungry. But don’t consume so much that you have to run to the bathroom all the time. See above for bathroom suggestions.

All the above are my suggestions only…

Again…Good luck, have fun!!! And welcome to San Francisco!!! (if you are not already from here. 😉 )

If you have time to read about the history of Fort Mason…

“Fort Mason, also known as San Francisco Port of Embarkation, US Army, in San Francisco, California, is a former United States Army post located in the northern Marina District, alongside San Francisco Bay. Fort Mason served as an Army post for more than 100 years, initially as a coastal defence site[3] and subsequently as a military port facility. During World War II, it handled most of the cargo for the Pacific campaign.[2]”

To read more, visit Fort Mason’s wiki page.

I will post about Greens Restaurant and where to go in Embarcadero NEXT.



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