po’boy @ Streetcar Cafe (formerly Dixie Gyro)

oyster poboy

I went into Dixie Gyro thinking I was going to get a gyro, but instead I got their oyster po’boy!  It was golden, perfect bites of crunchy oysters that deliciously melts in my mouth, nicely dressed (all the stuff on it like lettuce, tomatoes, etc) and HUGE!

This shops sits about 2 blocks shy of the french quarter in the business district and a lot of the locals come in to get breakfast, lunch and even dinner.  It’s really nothing to look at, but they make a great po’boy sandwich.  And probably other things, too but I didn’t try them…


Most people go to New Orleans and think ‘GUMBO’

For me, it’s all about po’boys and beignets.  Mmmm…

There is definitely something special about that southern fried artery clogger sandwich that made it popular & appealing to so many!  And eating one of these in the South, that much better and for some reason, tastier, too.  Oh, the sandwich also gives me just enough of that street cred I have been secretly seeking all of my life (ha!) without getting grease under my nails (except maybe just cooking grease).  Oh yeah-  😉

You see, growing up, I had no idea that po’boys came in so many varieties.  I thought it was just ham w/ cheese on french bread.  Period. End of story.

Oh boy, was I surprised to see  them w/ Shrimp, Catfish, Oysters, Sausages, Roast beef, etc.  Omg!  Varieties that made my head spin.  Okay, you say, it’s just a sandwich!  But seriously, po’boys are special and I can see why people like them so much!  They are just GOOD!

To read more about the history of po’boy sandwiches, see this wiki page.

There are lots of places in New Orleans that claim they make the best po’boy sandwich, and I am not going to tell you which one is best given that I have only tried a few (and they were all good), but the one in the photo is from:

Streetcar Cafe (formerly Dixie Gyro) | 110 Carondelet Street, New Orleans, LA 70130

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