tacos @ Kung Fu Tacos Truck & Chairman Bao Bun Truck

Both of the food trucks, Chairman Bao Bun and Kung Fu Tacos Kung Fu Tacos on Urbanspoon

were parked outside the Chronicle Building this past Friday giving away FREE baos and tacos.  We were there at the tail-end, so only got to try the duck taco and the veggie taco.  The veggie taco was really yummy, but the duck was just okay.  I couldn’t really taste anything past their very strong sauce.  Anyway, we were disappointed that the Bao truck gave away all the food already because I did look them up on other reviews and a lot of people like them.   Both of these trucks made a lot of people happy that day…  And they are pretty reasonable if you buy them.  The tacos cost approx. $2 each which is pretty good I think for gourmet tacos.

I don’t know where they usually park, but I imagine they tell you on facebook or twitter, so check there.

We had fun…I have never done anything like this on the day after Thanksgiving, so this is certainly another first for me!  And I love it ‘cuz both of the trucks’ are kinda cheesy & novel.  Ha ha.

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  1. I dunno about the food, but the graphics on the Chairman Bao truck is the BEST I’ve seen so far for eating trucks. Fun!

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