lunch @ Patxi’s Chicago Pizza

Asian Chicken Salad

Deep Dish Slice of Vegetarian

Deep Dish Slice of Pepperoni

Having never tried deep dish pizza before coming to Patxi’s with a friend, I was thrilled to find that they serve single slices.  So we ordered a vegetarian and a pepperoni slice to share along with the salad.  It was good!  Will have to try their pies next time with more people.  Very tomatoey and saucy.  Oh, the service was great!  Very friendly and attentive!

Patxi’s Chicago Pizza | 511 Hayes Street | San Francisco, CA
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  1. If you liked Paxti’s you may also enjoy Little Star on Diviz….

    Singles makes Paxti a great lunch locale…thanks for that! Who’d have thunk it?

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