I am thankful for… (Post II)

Church Building in Old City, Quebec City

One of many faces of Buddha - Bronze statue on display at Civic Center SF - 2010

I am doing a “I am thankful for…” post leading up to Thanksgiving day.

Today, I am thankful for each “lessons learned” that presented itself to me these past few years in times of joy and in times of sorrow and during the times in-between, and even during work/school/social functions where I have to deal with “difficult projects and/or with difficult people”.

Whether it is good or bad, personally related or non-related to me, I  hope that I have learned something from each experience.  For example, I accept the experiences for what they are, and hopefully I learned enough to mitigate the bad experiences from happening in the future.

For each of those moments, experiences, lessons learned, and even the players in each of those moments, without which cannot be an act, I am truly grateful and thankful!