Lunch @ Restaurant Noodle Factory

In search of comforting Chinese food in the wintry city of Montreal, I stumbled upon Restaurant Noodle Factory.  As I needed to get out of the rain, I went in.

The interior was small, yet doesn’t feel cramp.  Also, the restaurant is pretty clean and so was the restroom.  A big plus in my book when the restroom is also clean. Especially if it’s a uni.


Back to food, I ordered the following food. (Don’t laugh if the french is wrong, I am only copying their menu.)

  • Boulettes crevettes & Porc a la vapeur  (Siu Mai)
  • Raviolis au Porc & Legumes a la vapeur (Pot Stickers)
  • Chow Mein style Cantonais (Cantonese Chow Mein)

Noodles are pretty good.  And it’s probably my fault for being so darn boring!  😦  I should have ordered wonton noodle soup to try their egg noodle or something Szechuan, but I did not.  What’s wrong with me?

But the dim sum and pot stickers were very, very, very good.  The dim sum skin were paper-thin, and the filling very nice and even.  Everything was in perfect proportion. Yum!

Took it all to-go, bad habit of ordering way too much food than I can eat in one sitting.

Also, I found this little YouTube clip on their site that’s cool.  CTV’s Sunday Bite featured them back in February.

Restaurant Noodle Factory | 1018 rue Saint-Urbain | Montreal, QC H2Z 1A1 | Canada
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6 responses to “Lunch @ Restaurant Noodle Factory

  1. The pork dumplings look amazing! I love when they have a crisp exterior. (And I have to agree about clean restrooms – it’s usually a good indicator).

  2. The steamed shrimp and pork dumplings are my all time favorite. I love the way the meat flavors compliment one another.

    I used to party as a kid in Montreal…there is a little bar by the old Habs rink that has a barbershop chair that they lean you back in and pour vodka and peach schnapps in ya and then quickly hit the lever and gravity forces it down your throat as you incline. ahhhh, Montreal!

    Bon Voyage!

    • Oh my! I would have like to have seen that…not try…just being able to see it is enough. I hear first week of June is their beer fest, just thought I will pass that info on to you in case you are not aware. 😉

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