snacking @ Marche Jean-Talon

Jean-Talon Market

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Marche Jean-Talon is a farmer’s market in Little Italy district of Montreal. This market is great for people-watching, mingling with the locals, and trying local farm-fresh foods.  Of course, it’s also great for shopping.

Besides the market itself, there are also restaurants nearby that serves different types of cuisines.

I think I spent nearly two hours at this market and tried deer sausage (spicy and kind of gamey) and boar sausage (pretty good…)  Some almond pastries, a hot chocolate and some great tasting apples.  Great place to come buy organic produce, hand-made soaps, teas, and maple syrup.  Good thing my luggage was too small, or else…

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  1. FT – I am sooo impressed with your travelogue – the food looks so great (some exceptions i.e. bad crepe place with bad service) love the farmer’s market – you’ve done an outstanding job of capturing so much!

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