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Unless you are a resident of Pacifica, you probably have not heard of Barolo’s.  Not because it’s a well-kept secret, but that most do not think of Pacifica when they think about fine dining.

For me, coming from San Francisco to this Pacifica gem is a special treat, one that involved celebrating a friend’s mile-stone event.  Also, this was a Groupon restaurant, so we came to try out their food.

While Barolo is not located by the water, it is close enough to it that you can smell the salt air.  Situated in a private lot, the restaurant is at once very understated, yet very comfortable.  While we were eating, the screen is showing, “La Dolce Vida“.

The food was also very sumptuous.  We were particularly impressed with the flank steak, the chicken, the truffle fries, and my favorite dish of that night, the polenta.  YUM.  No doubt about it.  There were four of us, but we all LOVED the polenta dish.

Here are what we had:

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Barolo’s Restaurant | 404 San Pedro Avenue | Pacifica, CA
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  1. This looks awesome! I love truffle fries AND polenta! You lucky girl!

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