eats @ Gordo’s

We haven’t been to Gordo’s for a while, so decided to eat here one day weeks ago.  We got a Gordo plate with carnitas, to share and it was terrible.  The carnitas was so salty and burnt that we had to get a coke to wash down that terrible taste and then a huge cups of water to drench our thirst.  What the heck happened?

5450 Geary Blvd | San Francisco, CA
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On another day, we came to this original location to see if their food was any better.  G got their carnitas plate again (very brave), and I ordered a bean and cheese burrito with guacamole.  And good thing I did because I tried his plate and it was super salty (again).  All their other items are probably okay, but I am not super confident about it…

2252 Clement Street | San Francisco, CA
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