Authentic Chinese Food & a Cheesy Movie?

G made me watch a movie lately recently. 

Okay, he didn’t make me do anything, but if it wasn’t for that movie, I wouldn’t be thinking about this at all…   BUT since I am thinking, I had to blame someone for this. 

Let’s preface this with:  I love Chinese food!  I grew up eating it.  I still eat it.  My parents (more like one of them) used to cook it every day…  Okay, not every day, but enough that it feels like every – single – day.  Basically if there were 365 days in a year (and I think there should be…starts counting fingers and toes), one of them would cook it 360 days a year.  The rest of the time we had spam sandwiches.  I jest.  Maybe. 

Chinese food has so many healthy options (tofu, mushrooms, different vegetables, tree ears (what ears?), strange eggs, ancient peaches (??) just to name a few), yet I still see many people ordering the following 6  items when they go out to a Chinese restaurant.  And they think this is what Chinese people eat everyday.  o_O 

1.)  Egg rolls  (with that crazy red sweet sour sauce) 

2.)  Potstickers  (okay, I admit. i like potstickers too) 

3.)   Fried Rice  (i will post about the one i made @ home soon.) 

4.)  Wonton (oh yeah, make that fried wonton) 

5.)  (American) Broccoli and Beef  (This is essentially Chinese-American Food, but it rocks and I luv it!  Uh, but not every single meal.) 

6.)  Sweet & Sour (Chicken, Pork, Beef, Shrimp, Tofu)  – okay technically this is actually Chinese, but with all that food coloring, definitely not very Chinese. 

a.)  [Technically this is free because you don’t order it.]  Fortune cookies  (Invented in San Francisco. Enough said.) 

And speaking about Sweet & Sour (anything)… how is this dish good for you anyone? 


a.) fried 

b.) fattening 

c.) sugary (syrup) 

d.) has lots of food dye  😦 

So why is it so damn tempting?!??!! 

D’uh, because it tastes good and it’s AUTHENTIC Chinese food!? 

Okay, go rent & watch this satirical, stereotype-driven movie and get some AUTHENTIC Chinese food.  Please report back if I missed anything.  [I missed Chow Mein on that list…that’s a biggie.] 

And for your information, everything in this post is in English with a Chinese accent. Lol. 

p.s.  I forgot Mu Shu and Shue Mai.  My bad. 

p.p.s.  Sushi is not Chinese. 

p.p.p.s. If this post makes no sense to you, that’s ok, just watch the cheesy movie.  I have to get it off my system somehow, so posting helps. 



sweet & sour pork