dinner @ Minami


Minami is a small family run sushi place in the Inner-Richmond.  Although located in a corner, it is unassuming and doesn’t look very impressive at all from the outside.

What does impress is their skillful sushi chef and the fresh sushi selections, especially their salmon sashimi.  I had the pleasure of trying this restaurant for the first time thanks to G.  He took me here for dinner weeks ago.  Thank you.

What we had:

  • Edamame (on the house)
  • Green tea (on the house)
  • Futomaki (loosely translated means fat roll. It’s mostly whatever the chef wants to put into it although most of the time here in SF, it’s mostly a vegetarian roll filled with veggies…)
  • Plate of assorted sushi (tako “octopus”  sashimi, california roll, and an order of salmon sashimi that the chef made into a lovely rose. Comes with slices of ginger for palate cleansing between sushi course and a dab of wasabi)

Minami | 1900 Clement Street | San Francisco, CA
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  1. Love those little out-of-the-way surprise finds! Seems like the best sushi is always dished up in the most unassuming of venues…

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