birthday wishes and pasta frisée dreams

Happy Birthday Izziedarling!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY.  So it may just be me, but I have never celebrated a virtual birthday for another blogger before…  Always a first time, right?

So, giving a HUGE shout-out to one of my favorite blogger Izziedarling at The Whatever Factor!  I think she’s celebrating her 21st birthday sometime this month. Woot!

I find her blog entries exceeding entertaining and really, I think her blog line says it best, “musings on whatever the day brings … whimsy, wisdom, silliness, and serious stuff” and that’s not just great for blog posts, but great philosophy in general.  Check out her blog post like this one.

Have a lovely birthday month Izziedarling and best wishes–


Eat In: Simple Pasta.  A few days ago, I craved pasta again…this time, I made it @ home.  Pretty sure everyone knows how to boil water and cook pasta, so will just show pictures only.  All ingredients are from Trader Joe’s.  They got some good stuff there.

pasta sauce from trader joe's

pasta with shrimp and sun dried tomatoes

sun dried tomatoes from trader joe's


Eat In: Frisée Salad with Poached Eggs

Days ago, G and I had this for dinner. Yes, I know it looks like brunch, but I can have breakfast anytime. Lol.  So we went to the market and saw bunches of fresh frisée, and had to get them.  When we got back, he washed and chopped some organic tomatoes from the garden, while I made poached eggs.  Realized that he doesn’t have any salad dressing, but I did buy a jar of Edmond Fallot Seed Style Mustard for another recipe I plan to make, so made do and used some of that mustard as dressing.  Tasted really good actually.  Oh, can you tell I like black pepper?

frisée Salad with poached eggs


Funny Signs. Saw this sign in front of a bar (Dirty Trix) a few months ago and promptly took pictures for future posting.  Thinking that some of you will appreciate the humor in this…

funny sign in front of a bar

the reply on the back of that sign

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  1. Why FT, you make me blush! Thank you for the lovely birthday shout out. While I remember my 21st bday, this one has a different number on it. But I feel 21! Love your post today – you never let me down! *hugs* 🙂

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