brunch @ La Boulange Bakery

La Boulange at Hayes Valley

I woke up feeling terrible, and so decided to take a day off from work.  Promptly went back to bed and slept pretty late and got up feeling famished.  Decided to take a walk up, down, and around some hills to get some much needed exercise and fresh air, and ended up at La Boulange in the Hayes Valley area.

Nothing looked interesting to me until I saw La Boulange with its mint-colored walls beckoning me to enter.  No need to ask twice really.  I pop into this restaurant and had a lovely brunch by myself.


What I had:

  • mini BLT baguette (w/ one slice of bacon, one lettuce leaf inside)
  • Pot de Creme  (yum!)
  • A cup of black tea (just what I needed and not in any picture)

Feeling much, much better after that.

Baguette and Pot de Creme

La Boulange Bakery has lots of branches in SF and Bay Area, but the one I went to is at:

La Boulange Bakery | 500 Hayes Street | San Francisco, CA
La Boulange de Hayes on Urbanspoon