lunch @ Thai Noodle Jump

Thai Noodle Jump


Summertime is the perfect time for walking.  Although summer around here is more like winter time.  It’s most likely freezing cold and foggy.  Anyway, a lot of outdoor fundraising events happen around this time of the year because I guess people want to be outdoors doing outdoorsy stuff.  So after our fundraising walk weeks ago, we decided we can pat ourselves on the back and go get some lunch.

Thai Noodle Jump is fairly close to Golden Gate Park, so we ventured over for a Thai lunch after our walk.

What we had on this visit:

  • Green Curry with Chicken
  • Thai styled Omelette
  • Brown Rice

Thai Noodle Jump | 560 Balboa Street | San Francisco, CA
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Green Chicken Curry with Brown Rice

My plate