late night matzo ball soup @ Max’s at the Opera Cafe

601 Van Ness Avenue | San Francisco, CA
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The people who work here are so talented!  Beautiful voices and great piano playing.  I really enjoyed listening to them.  They sing old-schooled songs like, “I Left My Heart in San Francisco” or some snipets from an Opera, so don’t expect to hear anything like “Bad Romance”.

The bar. Fantastic. Very straight-to-the-point and pour you a decent drink.

matzo ball soup

The food.  Very standard diner-type food.  My matzoh (they spell it “matzo” here)  ball soup was very salty (it does have shredded chicken & noodles) but I ate most of it because I was suffering from a tummy ache, hence why I was having soup at all.   I remember having better matzoh soup here but things like that happen all the time when they have different chefs rotating.

Thai Styled Chicken Wings

And we also had the Thai-styled chicken.  The dish looks pretty but very much drenched in a Thai-styled  sauce you can buy in a store.  It still tasted pretty good.  I think this one tastes better if you are drinking though.

My friend’s apple pie (that’s a personal size by the way) was bigger than he anticipated, so he took most of it home to eat.  I didn’t try his apple pie even though he insisted on it because I wasn’t feeling up to eating sweets after the chicken wings, so can’t tell you what that tasted like. It didn’t look very appetizing to me.  Just meh.  My other friend just got a drink, so she got the right idea.

apple pie

Overall, I have fond memories of Max’s, but I had a completely different meal that involved a huge sundae, so any meal with a huge sundae would probably be a bit different from one that involved a tummy ache and a bland looking pie.

Just saying…