eating & shopping @ fillmore jazz festival

So this weekend, we went to the Fillmore Jazz Festival, and it was fun!

There were lots of people there, and the weather was great.  A perfect weekend to celebrate.  We started our adventure right across from Marc Jacobs.

Firstly, we saw Oliver’s Almonds not far from where we started and decided to buy some nuts right away since the line wasn’t long (yet).  We have been fans of this vendor for many years, and love their almonds (and other nut varities) because they are very tasty.  Our favorites are coated with cinnamon and sugar, so that’s something hard to resist. 2 bags (16 oz each) costs $20.  Quite a bit of money for nuts we know, but they tasted pretty darn good.

Then we ventured over to a Thai BBQ vendor and brought a stick of chicken kabab ($10)  to share.  Very gooey because of the sauce, but quite delicious.

And then we became quite thirsty, so we got a lemonade to share ($5) and of course my mouth watered when I saw lamb gyros, so we got that too…(another $5.)  And then we saw this vendor selling Chinese dumplings and yeah, we tried those too because they were only $4 for 6 dumplings and the guy there was really nice because he let me do mix-match, so I got to try different flavors (they offered vegetable, pork with cabbage, pork with leek). Very reasonable considering that the street fair food prices are usually inflated by 50% or more from what I have seen.  So yes, while the food experience was awesome, we hate to be spending money like this as some of the food was WAY overpriced.

Then, we went around to a few more food vendors looking at how they cook their food, and decided that browsing was fine since we aren’t particularly hungry after we consumed all the food we just brought.  But we did stop to sample and brought a Chocolate Chip Mocha brownie from The Killer Baking Company to eat later, because G heard so much about them and wanted to sample their brownies.

Soon after, the shopping bug got me, and just down a few booths, we saw a really beautiful hat that was perfect for the day, and it’s quite reasonable, so we brought it to wear right away. And since I forgot my pair of sunglasses at home, G brought me a pair to wear at the fair too.

While we groove to really awesome jazz music, we also ventured inside to Heidi Says to buy a pair of cute thong (Cole Haan).  All in all, not a bad day of shopping for me.

Here are some photos we took of the event…Enjoy!

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