Fillmore Street Jazz Festival — July 3 & 4

Just a quick note to let you know that if you are coming to San Francisco the weekend of July 3 & 4, you are in for a nice treat!

We have our annual Fillmore Street Jazz Festival and it means:

GOOD MUSIC!!! (yes I am shouting, but you will too if you are there… & it’s FREE!)

Good food (lots of vendors selling you different types of food, ranging from chicken kababs to roasted nuts…NOT free, so bring some Ca$h.)

Good merchandise (lots of vendors selling unique crafts & gifts)


Great hangout during the day before venturing out to see the Fireworks!!!

See you all there!

Location:  Fillmore Street

                     (from Eddy Street –> Jackson Street)

                     San Francisco

If coming by public transit, you can ride the Geary 38 toward Ocean Beach and get off on Fillmore.  Or #2 & 3 bus will also get you very close the action. Best not to drive because parking will be BAD.

I will probably be taking pictures and blogging about this event, but it’s not the same as being there…so do come & enjoy if you can.

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