Museum Visits, NYC – part I

Visited 2 museums when I visited New York last month.

I saw the Naked Person Art at MoMA.  Oh, it was fascinating in a way because it was so strange.  Walking through the museum, I saw lots of modern art, art, art, sculpture, photography, more art, then wham, naked people exhibit.

I am still not sure about the name of the exhibit and I didn’t really get it but then I consider it visual “ART”.   LOL.

At that moment, I was like, “Wow, naked people exhibit.”  Then, “Hmm..I have never been to one.”  Well…okay, I temporary forgot I was in a museum and I ogled a bit. And then oh wait…I am suppose to ogle, right? After all, I did that when I saw starry night by van Gough, didn’t I?  But it was a bit different.  I guess the nakedness and the strangeness of nakedness in a place like a museum challenged my view of what’s appropriate and certainly challenged my view of nakedness.

Was that ART (often consider to be beautiful), or was that ART (a bit vulgar?)

There was one section of the naked exhibit where a naked couple stood within a narrow walkway and a whole line of cloth people wait in turn to cross between them.  I am not sure exactly why people want to do this.  As much as I was fascinated, I am not the kind that want to touch an exhibit (let alone a live naked one) or even be touched in an exhibit as one would expect to be in some type of contact as you crossed between two people.  Also, I am not sure how to interpret that portion of the art except that a lot of people probably felt fascinated by the subjects…to say the least.

I guess I can see it as art within art as the viewer becomes participants…thereby enriching their sensual experience?

Generally, I tend to think of nakedness as a beautiful thing.  So yes, this exhibit challenges the exhibitionist side of non-living v. living subjects.  I certainly would admire a naked David without being bashful about it, but to have a real live nude exhibit standing there…that’s a bit intimidating.

Anyway, they won’t let anyone take pictures of the naked person art for obvious reasons.  So no photos.