Dara Thai Lao Restaurant

1549 Shattuck Street | Berkeley, CA
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I think it is now safe to say that we were totally “chocolate out” from our chocolate tasting day, so we opted to eat somewhere with flavorful food.  We chanced on seeing Dara Thai Lao on our way, and decided to come back for dinner.  And we are so glad we did because the food is very good and price very reasonable.  Plus, the outdoor seating was pretty unique experience.

Appetizer:  Jumbo Prawns marinated in tamarind sauce and fried.

Yellow Chicken Curry (my least favorite dish here because it’s a bit too watery for my taste.)

Stuffed Eggplants with Shrimp and Chicken

Vegetables and Garlic Stir Fry (my favorite dish here.)

And we enjoyed all these wonderful dishes with Brown Rice.

Exterior of the restaurant.  The tables are constructed from old wheels and carts from Laos.

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  1. This brings me back to my college days when we would go here for birthday dinners. I miss it! Nice blog btw. Do more Berkeley posts, please!

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