Jade Asian Restaurant

136-28 39th Avenue | Flushing, NY

I have never been to Flushing, New York before, so it was quite an awesome adventure.  A bunch of us were camping outside this dim sum restaurant at 10 a.m. and waited in the  cold for them to open.  According to my local insider, this is a good dim sum place in Flushing, so the locals come here in doves on the weekend for “yum cha” (tea drinking).   We were among the first to be seated, but the restaurant filled up quickly and it’s a pretty decent sized restaurant…

If you have ever been to dim sum houses, you will know that they keep coming around with a lot of goodies to eat. So we tried a few items here, but mostly I wanted tea because I was freezing.

What we had:

  • Chinese donut wrapped in rice noodle
  • Beef Tendons
  • Pork Ribs with black bean sauce
  • Meat and Vegetable wrapped in Tofu Skin (Rolls)
  • Steamed Lotus Seed Paste Buns

Sorry– I have no pictures, but the food was decent.
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