U-Lee Restaurant

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1468 Hyde Street | San Francisco, CA | (415) 771-9774

This place is known for their pot stickers, but I didn’t get those because I think enough people have written about them.

What I came for is to try their other food and see whether they really live up to their hype.  I think it must have been at least 5-6 years since I tried their lemon chicken, and they are pretty well-know for that.  Crispy filet of chicken cutlet strips and a big bowl of lemon sauce for dipping.  Tasted like fried chicken, a bit chewy in fact. Not my kind of food.


But I guess one can’t have fried chicken alone. Well, at least I can’t. So I also ordered the squid with onions.  Looked a bit homey, but tasted great.  A bit salty though, so make sure you eat it with rice. They cooked it in black bean sauce, so yes…it’s good.

With tip, $22.00.

And yes, doggie bag.