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349 Clement Street | San Francisco, CA | (415) 379-6000

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Located in the Richmond District, this restaurant offers up some delightful surprises.  First, the service here is friendly and intimate.  We felt welcome here.

While they offer an impressive wine list, unlike some of the other restaurants, they do not pressure you to order wine, or act like wine snobs when you don’t order any.

Throughout the years that we visited Troya, we have been consistently happy with their offerings.  Even though their menu have not changed a lot, they do update it from time to time.  Recently, we went and enjoyed their mezzes (appetizers) and one entrée.  All delicious.  Mostly, we were surprised at how good the Muhammura tasted.  In the past, we shy away from this dipbecause we are not sure we like red pepper dips, but since I started blogging about our food adventures, we have been a bit more daring, so decided that we will try itand it turned out to be a surprising find. We highly recommend it.

We had the following:

  • Mediterranean Spread (with three types of dips served with pita bread) $14.00
  1. Hummus (dip made from mashed garbanzo bean and tahini)
  2. Haydari (tangy yogurt dip)
  3. Muhammura (spicy red pepper dip)
  • Falafel (fried mashed garbanzo bean balls) $5.50
  • Chicken Shih Kabab (entrée with two skewers comes with rice pilaf and spinach) $12.50

We skipped dessert and coffee on this visit.

This is indeed a Turkish delight.