Panda Express

Located inside San Francisco Shopping Centre

I used to love Panda Express because of their orange chicken and broccoli beef with 1/2 chow mein and 1/2 fried rice.  LOL.  I know it’s not real Chinese food, but I take everything at the mall food court with a grain of salt anyway.

Sometimes I get nostalgic and go to a Panda Express…so I went recently and got:

  • Walnut Prawns
  • Broccoli and Beef
  • 1/2 chow mein and 1/2 fried rice
  • pot stickers

Because of their recent commercials, I wanted to go and try their interpretations of Walnut Prawns. Big mistake. It tasted nothing like the Walnut Prawns I know at other Chinese restaurants…and that’s pretty sad because Walnut Prawns is pretty easy to make I think.

Firstly, the Shrimp should be lightly fried and softly coated in mayonnaise. Here, it was breaded (thick) and salty and gooey (not in a good way).  Then there’s hardly any walnuts in the dish. And they don’t taste that great either.

I do like their Broccoli Beef (more broccoli and less beef please) because they lightly cook their brocoli and I love my vegetables crisp, so this is like the only dish I consistently like.  (And I also like their Orange Chicken which is really gross but I am addicted to that sauce, so that’s why I don’t  go here often because that dish is not really good for me.)

And lastly I fell victim to their sales pitch and got a 3rd item because I wanted to eat pot stickers, but it was just meh.

Cute concept, but fell flat on the taste and look.