The Palace Hotel: The Garden Court Restaurant

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The Palace Hotel:  The Garden Court Restaurant

2 New Montgomery Street | San Francisco, CA

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I felt like a princess at this beautiful hotel garden restaurant.  All I am missing is a crown and a scepter.  Oh wait, they do offer that if you book the prince & princess tea and is under 12.  Or maybe ask them nicely. Cute!

So G took me here to experience this wonderful tradition some time this weekend, and aside from some minor service hiccups in the beginning (they couldn’t find his reservation and the front desk lady acted a bit snotty) everything was lovely.

We enjoyed little cups of tea, finger sandwiches, and little cookies and tarts.  Yum! 🙂

This hotel is a historical landmark, and I highly recommend that you stroll in if you are around here.  Even if you are not staying here, you should come to take a look. Very lovely…

Another wonderful experience…