Steps of Rome Caffe

Steps of Rome Caffe

362 Columbus Ave | San Francisco, CA
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Holy Tiramisu Cheesecake!!!

So P and I came here for dessert after our meal at Cafe Zoetrope because we had a Groupon.  For those not aware of what a Groupon is, I will post about this later.

As soon as we landed on the steps, we met an amazing Amazon Goddess!  We didn’t catch her name (I think Goddess don’t give out names very often), but she’s quite tall… P commented on how tall she is (wow, she may be 9 feet tall??), so I looked her up and down and determined that yes, indeed, she was quite tall. And without heels on either! Wow!

Anyway, she was super nice to us and joked that she’s an amazon princess. LOL. Very cute!

P and I ordered a coffee, tea, a slice of cheesecake, slice of tiramisu to eat there, and later I got a pannacotta to go for someone else.  Umm. Amazon princess told me that pannacotta usually cannot be packed to go, but she figured a way to do it just for me, so thank you so much!!!

And she’s right, pannacotta are not good for to-go orders…so never again, but still, she was wonderful and I will revisit again.