Waterfront Restaurant

Waterfront Restaurant

Pier 7, The Embarcadero | San Francisco, CA
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Sometimes the weather in San Francisco is absolutely amazing.  I was Nia’s excuse to get out of an all-day meeting.  LOL.  So of course I am up to the challenge to make this an interesting day…

First stop, Waterfront Restaurant.

Located slightly away from the hustle and bustle of the Ferry Building, this is a great respite for a spot of lunch.  With wine menu in hand, we opted for a glass of Stephen Vincent Syrah and a glass of Trefethen Riesling.

For appetizers, we ordered the buttermilk calamari and the pancetta wrapped shrimp.  Love both the items, but the sauce and white beans that came with the shrimp was just amazingly delicious.

Then we shared a beet salad, and a hamburger.  We were so stuffed with our appetizers that we left most of it as a doggie bag. Good times! 🙂

We skipped dessert here.

Service was mellow but excellent and the view of the water is amazing. Generally, you get a great view of the bay bridge and this is a restaurant I would recommend for leisure lunch.