Curry Up Now Indian Street Food Truck

I was totally planning on eating salad one day when out of the corner of my eye, I saw this yellow taco truck and a huge line.  Upon closer inspection, I realized that it isn’t a taco truck at all, but a curry truck. I did a triple take…seriously? A curry truck??? This I have to try.  So I did…

I got the Chicken Tikka Masala burrito with hot sauce (beware: spicy hot and slow burn) but omg! was it good!  And since I got the combo, I got to try the samosa (very curry and delish!) and their mango mint lassi.

The burrito was huge, so I split it with G, and he agreed that it tasted awesome!  Will definitely try some other things next time I see it.

Curry Up Now Indian Street Food Truck
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