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my father’s kitchen | vietnamese comfort food |

1655 divisadero street | san francisco, california | (415) 829-2610  |  monday – saturday, 9-6

We went to a restaurant call “my father’s kitchen” today for lunch.

G noticed this place a few days ago when he walked by while running some errands and he has told me about it all week.  So when the chance came up that we were going to be in this area today, we came here.

This place just opened this past Monday, so they are still working out the kinks, but the overall experience was positive.  The interior is clean and fresh. Very clean and bright and nothing like the usual Vietnamese place we have been to.  A bit more updated but the price is reasonable. Definitely a neighborhood gem.

For appetizers, G and I ordered #2 goi cuon (spring rolls) and #3 cha gio (crispy imperial rolls) to start. The spring rolls were fresh and the shrimp was juicy. It came with this really delicious peanut sauce that tasted so good that G proceeded to eat everything else with that sauce. (Seriously. He had the imperial rolls in there, dipping the noodles, the rice, and even the chicken. Wow!)  The imperial rolls were crunchy and good, but a bit oily, so I was really happy that the fish sauce was there for dipping and to wash some of that oil out. (Or at least I seem to think it’s helping.) 🙂

I wanted to try their northern style pho, so I ordered #6 pho bo dac biet (special beef rice noodle soup), but some snafu must have happened in the kitchen, because they gave me #8 pho tai (beef noodle soup with rare eye of round steak) instead.  But I was so hungry that I didn’t notice that the soup did not have any tripe or flank until I saw the bill and was reminded that oh, I didn’t get the right order. But that’s a 50 cents difference so no biggie. I did order the large bowl but their large is kinda small.  The soup stock is very good.  Clean, flavorful, and the right amount of saltines. Since its northern style, they gave me a slice of lemon and jalapeno instead of the usual sprouts and basil.  Although I love southern style, this one is good too.  The other snafu was that they forgot to give me a spoon, so I had to ask for the soup spoon. But like I said, this is their first week, so they are still working on it.

G ordered #9 com ga ngu vi (five spice grilled chicken over rice). And it was very yummy. The chicken was moist and flavorful. Not the best I have ever had, but not bad at all.

Although we did not order any coffee here, they do serve blue bottle drip coffee…

So to summarize:

#2 goi cuon (spring rolls) $6.50

#3 cha gio (imperial rolls) $7.50

#8 pho tai (beef noodle soup) large bowl $8.00

#9 com gai ngu vi (five spice chicken w/ rice) $7.50

orange pellegrino $1.50

total bill $31.00 (+.50 because they charge me #6, so it’s actually $31.50)

Plus tip.

Not bad.

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