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3560 18th Street | San Francisco, CA | (415) 565-0360

G and I went to wondercon before coming here. It was one of the best decisions we made all day. After not finding our way around the crowded Moscone Center looking for people he wanted autographs from, we were relieved to find that Farina stood out from a block away.


This place was packed upon entering. A good sign right? I asked our waiter how long the place has been opened and was told it has been 3 years.  That’s another good sign. Especially since it’s in near proximity to Delfina. Another place that we wanted to try.

We started off with their complementary sparkling water. And I got one of their cocktails (cucumber 75). Very refreshing.

We then got the pork belly appetizer (porchetta) which we both didn’t like much. It looks pretty on the picture though.  We shared the salad, and pretty much shared our entrees which were the pesto mandili (very good but we didn’t get a picture of it. sorry), and the ham recco (pochiutto focaccia, no picture either.) which was yummy to eat together.

We almost didn’t order any dessert because G was like, oh, we really shouldn’t but I really wanted to try their panna cotta.  Because I love panna cotta. Can’t get enough of it. And wow, this is by far, my favorite one ever! Sooooo gooood! Seriously, the blackberries were soaked in some type of wine sauce, so the flavor is both sweet and a bit sour taste of the berry, making the blend just perfect. I asked the waiter what they did with the berries and he told me how they did it. So guess where I went straightaway after our meal? We went to Wholefoods to get the ingredients, so I can replicate this at home…and yes, it came out awesome! I think I will post my home results later…

Back to Farina.

Definitely a great place to go for special occasions as this restaurant is a bit pricier than our normal routine restaurants, but we think it’s worth it.

Enjoy and let us know what your thoughts are…
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