Favorite posts of 2010 – part IX of IX

Lastly, but definitely not the last favorite posts of 2010.

December was a great month.  Whirlwind and festive.  And looking back, I am thankful for such a wonderful year.

Without realizing it at first, my travels this year has been all about tracing the Acadians settlement from Quebec to Louisiana.  According to Wikipedia, the Acadians are descendents of the French colonists who settled in Acadia “(located in the Canadian Maritime provincesNova Scotia, New Brunswick, and Prince Edward Island, Quebec, and in the US state of Maine).”

Due to the British control of Quebec in 1710, the siege of Port Royal, which set off the conquests of Louisbourg and Quebec, many of these Acadians were expelled from French territories up north and migrated (or force to migrate) to Louisiana.  While there were migrations back to France and or back to where we known as Canada today, the remaining Acadians in Louisiana today are generally what we known as the “Cajuns”.  There is of course a lot more to this, as not all people that identify themselves as Cajuns are all descedents of Acadians, but that’s it for now. 🙂

Anyway, whatever it is that’s making me feel blue at the moment is by and far gone (hopefully) and I know now that living in the present moment, TODAY,  is ultra important as this is the day that may be the most special day when I look back again next year.

Who knows?  It may just be the most special day/week/month for you, too.  Have a wonderful day wherever you are.

Until next time, yours at foodtable

beignets and cafe au lait @ Cafe Du Monde

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  1. I am so deprived.. do you know I’ve never had a beignet? I have to rectify that and fast because that looks good.

    • They have a mix that you can buy, but it’s just not exactly the same. Do a post if you do go… It will be fun. 🙂

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