Favorite posts of 2010 – part V of IX

Judging from all the posts I have done for August 2010, my favorite posts are the one that I spent with a friend and the one where I spent time by myself…

It’s interestingly proper now because I am feeling that way again.  Somewhere hanging between a thread of wanting to be with people and balancing some time to be by myself.

Work/Life balance is utmost on my mind at the moment because I feel that I am tilting heavily on one side, and trying very hard to balance myself.   How to have a life when working hard?

I recently interviewed two people for an organization I am working (volunteering) with and one person shared (among many things we talked about) that he believes in working hard and playing hard.  The other person I interviewed talked about how she feeds off on positive energies and being inspired by people working together toward a common goal.

I think they are both very interesting to interview, and certainly inspired me to seek my own work life balance.  Sure I have done reflections each year and goal settings, but those are shallow moments compared to what I am experiencing now.  It’s one thing looking at something while one is still working on accomplishing them, and another when the projects are now completed and one has to move on.  And moving on meant that we have to acknowledge the completeness of what has been done, and face the uncertainty of the future…whatever may come.

I am still working on these issues, if you will, but what I want to know is…

How’s your work/life balance coming along in the New Year?  How do you deal with having a work/life balance?  If you have the time, drop me a line and share some “inspirations” and “tips”.

Until tomorrow, yours at foodtable

Lunch with a friend at Marnee Thai

Alone but not lonely at La Boulange eating a baguette and pot de creme