revisit: Taheri’s Mediterranean Restaurant

A friend will be away on a business trip to some part of the Louisiana area, so leaving the Bay Area for a few months.  And we decided to meet and have a holiday/good luck dinner here about a week ago to catch up and talk about all the possible exciting new changes that the New Year will bring.  And I love the fact that I got to have dinner with her one last time near her office before the year ended.  It’s funny that I just found out that she’s from LA (the state) after my NOLA trip even though we met two years ago.

Taheri was one of the first restaurants I wrote about since I started this food & dining blog, so it is apropos that I should revisit at the end of last year (a week ago).   See my old post here.

Last time I was there, I was with coworkers and eating lunch.  This time, I was with an ex-coworker (not in the same company) eating dinner.  I prefer to eat dinner here.  This place is a bit chaotic during lunch, so dinner service is much more relax and even-pace than the rush service we received last time.  Friend and I split a salad and the entrée: Dungeness crab pasta.  Both were good and it was off to a good start.

Sorry, no pictures.

Taheri’s Mediterranean Restaurant | 2999-A Oak Road | Walnut Creek, CA

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