bar[nos]talgia @ The Holding Company

Cue the Music please…

“Sometimes you want to go
Where everybody knows your name,
and they’re always glad you came.
You wanna be where you can see,
our troubles are all the same
You wanna be where everybody knows
Your name.”

–Where Everybody Knows Your Name by Gary Portnoy and Judy Hart Angelo (excerpt from Cheers Lyric)

Except that I don’t know anyone there.

The Holding Company is an old fashion bar with draft beers and some liquor to make drinks, and behind the bar, there’s a grill where they can cook you whatever appetizers they offer.  A friend used to work here (a long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away) so thought it nice to hop in and see if anything changed.


The Holding Company | 2 Embarcadero | San Francisco, CA