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Tom Yum Miso Soup

G and I walked by Morph a few times since it opened, but we were very hesitant to try it since a lot of the fusion restaurants we have been to lately have been more of a miss than a hit.  But when Groupon offered a deal on this restaurant, it was too good to pass up.  And if I may digress for a moment, this is one of the reasons why I love Groupon.  I can be more daring and be able to try new restaurants knowing that I will get my monies worth, and maybe even find a new current favorite.

Lychee Iced Tea

Morph is a great example of a type of fusion restaurant we both like.  Clean architectural lines, simple themes, yet visually pleasing.

The food was surprisingly delightful. While some dishes seem to repeat a certain theme, we do like the overall attempt.

For one, we found the Tom Yum Miso soup (complementary) offer a certain creative flair while being delicious.  Very important since looks doesn’t always measure up to taste in some attempts.

Deep fried Calamari in Thai Chili Sauce

The deep-fried calamari with Thai chili paste ($8) gave a really good kick.  Our taste buds were already revved up after the Tom Yum Miso and this dish just added the right amount of spicy punch. Excellent.

Next, we tried the Soy wrapped pork hand-roll with beets, carrots, lettuce, mint and egg served with tamarind sauce ($7).  Although it sounded like a lot of competing flavors, it was actually quite mild, and surprisingly tasty.

Soy wrapped pork handrolls

We then had the lightly fried tiger’s prawns cocoon in phyllo dough and served with mango garlic sauce ($8).  Although this an example of  a pretty dish, it’s taste was a bit bland, and altogether not too exciting.  We ended up dipping this into the chili paste sauce to make it more exciting.

Tiger Prawns in Phyllo Dough

Since we ordered so many appetizers, we got one entrée to share.  Our choice was the Sweet & Sour Chicken in kataifi nest served with coconut rice ($10).  It felt like a bit of a repeat of the prawns dish, although the chicken did taste pretty good and I really like the coconut rice in terms of taste and how they presented it. Looks very pretty.

Sweet & Sour Chicken

Finally, we ended our meal with a dessert to share.  A strawberry crêpe that was sweet but tasty.

Strawberry Crepe

The service here is attentive and gracious.

In sum, Morph is a surprising and delightful find in the Richmond District.  We will explore this place more in-depth and hope that their menus will continue to evolve with different fusion pairings.

Morph | 5344 Geary Blvd | San Francisco, CA

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  1. I have been to Morph 5 times since it opened and absolutely love it. The flavors textures and presentations are artistry!

    • Hi Gary. Thanks for your comment. We definitely like it enough to return. And yes, absolutely agree with you on presentation and flavors of most of the dishes. Even on the ones that we thought were less flavorful (compared to the others we ordered), we still like the presentation.

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