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table with a view @ Bindi

Before coming here, I didn’t know what a Dosa is.

Granted, I have heard of a restaurant named Dosa in San Francisco  (it’s not related to this restaurant), and I also thought that Dosa is a place in India (it’s not and I am kind of embarrassed to admit this. 😦 ).

Dosa, as I found out, is actually a type of crêpe typically eaten in Southern Indian cuisine.

Nothing excites me more than trying new things, so I promptly ordered the Chicken Dosa and a lemonade.  The lemonade tasted like water with very little hints of lemon, so not sure what they did to it, but it’s not good.  Furthermore, I got super confused when the waitress brought me a house soup.  Hm…what’s this, I asked?

Bindi's house soup

I  thought the soup was the Dosa.  But nope, it isn’t…

The waitress then presented me with the real Dosa dish.  The crêpe was bigger than the plate it was sitting on.  Holy moly, what did I just ordered?  Am I suppose to dip this thing into the soup?

Luckily, I pulled back the crêpe and to my delightful surprise there were fillings inside. Oooohhh, ahhhh…I squealed out loud and probably scaring the Indian family next to my table.

The dish itself tasted like chicken tikka masala with a crêpe.  Yummy.

As for the restaurant, it is bigger than I thought.   This place has two flat screens and on the night I was there, they were showing a Lakers’ game.  I forgot whom they were playing against, but the sound was muted. Anyway, I am not very sporty, so don’t quiz me on the stats.

Since this is my first time here at Bindi, I haven’t really formed an opinion yet, but I am glad I tried the Dosa here.


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inside the crêpe