My photos of Lan Su Chinese Garden in Portland

Lan Su Garden Entrances

Previously, I said that I was going to share some more photos of Lan Su Chinese Garden, but of course, I forgot. So for this post, I am going to interrupt the other postings with some more pictures of Lan Su Chinese Garden in Portland. Simply because…

Lan Su is so photogenic.

Flowers at Lan Su

Every time I look at the photos I took of this garden, I feel like I should have taken another shot of that, but in a different angle, or another photo of this, but get more light into the shot.

Lan Su Garden Bridges

This garden seems to have a lot of depth, and that’s probably why so many people photograph this garden. Even the morning of our visit, we ran into a group of photographers doing shots of the garden before it opened. No wonder. As soon as the door opened, many people started going inside and I realized now that some of my photos have people in them even though I was fairly patient in waiting for an opportunity to take a photo without anyone inside the frame. Oh well, I still enjoy taking the photos and certainly enjoy looking at them and remembering the amazing time we had in Portland. If I get to visit Portland again in the future, I will be sure to come back and take more photos.

I will continue to blog more about our little adventure in Portland in my next few posts. Have a great weekend. :)

Inside Lan Su 3Lan Su ArchitectureInside Lan Su 2Interior of Lan SuInside Lan SuLan Su Architecture 2Lan Su Architecture 3


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